Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer work

A great summer is winding down. I plan on writing a very personal post soon about what went on here during the last few months. Until then, here are some quick studio shots of pieces I completed recently.

I made a series of 8 of these small pouring vessels. There is only 1 left.

Two tight detail shots of the platter featured in my March 17th blog post titled "Coming Attractions".

Another intricate carved platter.

This is a large covered casserole. I was very happy with the glaze and carving results.

This small pitcher sold during the Northwoods Summer Art Tour.

This pouring vessel was snatched up by worthy patrons at "Art In The Yard" – Summer Solstice edition.

All the rest of the photos are new pieces from my black & brown illustrated series:

A covered jar from 3 angles.

My friend Lisa bought two of these to use as "wine cups".

Another covered dish.

Ohh, I have a thing for turtles.

I also dig butterflies...

and howl at the moon!

Another turtle.

You can view the steps I took decorating this platter in an earlier post from April 16th. That blog post sold this platter. Someone came to see it and buy it during the Northwoods Summer Art Tour.

I've made a lot of work I am proud of over the last few months. I've also taken more time away from the studio than usual this summer. Watch for a post soon entitled "Priorities & Potential". I am still forming it in my head. Once it goes live, I will be anxious for your comments.