Friday, January 9, 2009

Blog-based Pottery Sale Results

I have received a few inquires about the results of my blog-based pottery sale. Here are my thoughts on the outcome.

I had no real expectations. It was an easy solution for a last minute idea. I don't have very many blog readers, so in addition to the blog post, I emailed an announcement to most of my address book and posted an invite on Facebook. I sold 5 pieces. 4 of the pieces went to people I know. The last piece wasn't listed as part of the sale and went to someone who regularly reads my blog.

It worked out pretty smoothly. Everyone trusted me to send the work, and I trusted them to send me a check. It was worth it, but there was a lot of set up time and a lot of back and forth emailing to accomplish the sales.

In the future I plan on putting work on Etsy and taking advantage of Pay Pal. It seems like an easier solution... a good January or February project. If anyone has any feedback about Etsy I would appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks to everyone who bought, looked, or sent a nice comment. I am looking forward to getting back in my studio soon. I have ideas trapped in my head & hands just waiting to get out.

Peace for 2009!


Linda Starr said...

I too am wondering about etsy, I wish someone would do a tutorial or post specifically about that; hope you'll share your feedback. said...

I am an etsy newbie, been on since Sept. 08. It is a very interesting site. However there is soooo much on there I feel very lost in the vastness of the site. I think it is like most things, the more you put into it the more you'll get out of it. My biggest issue is packing and shipping. If your all set up for it it's not such a big deal. If all your pieces are the same size then you don't need all kinds of different sized boxes ect...I have not made a sale on etsy yet but I'm also viewing it as a great source of marketing info.

roberta said...

Hi Amy!
My friend, Nancy Gardner, sells her work on Etsy for a little over a year and has sold 17 pieces. She and Burt are set up for it since this is what they do and have been doing it for quite a while (wholesale & retail)...check them out.
You could ask then what they think.
Good to see your work!