Sunday, September 28, 2008

Art In The Yard

We've been blessed with warmer and sunnier weather than usual this fall. So my hopes were high for a nice day for our outdoor show "Art in the Yard" last saturday. When the thunder and lightning woke me at 4:30 a.m. I mentally prepared myself for the worse — setting up in a downpour and being cold and wet for the rest of the day. As I pulled out of my driveway at 6 a.m. the rain had slowed to a light mist. An hour later when I arrived in Land O' Lakes it had stopped.

As I started to set up and all my friends arrived with their gear, I couldn't help feeling optimistic. Rain or shine it would be another fun day with the Art Gypsies!

Our host was Jody Kennedy. Her gift shop Wild Expressions is just west of downtown Land O' Lakes on county highway B. Fall is in full swing in the northwoods.

Me in my trusty tent.

My whole set up.

Potter pal Anne Appel.

Photographer Carol Miller and a friend.

Debra Ketchum Jircik with her clay sculpture.

Weaver Jan Zindell demonstrates on her antique sock machine.

Kathleen Kimbal creates journals, collages, & wonderful hand made soap (the old fashioned way).

Wendy Powalisz (left) is a painter and jewelry maker. Cathy Wirtz (right) makes felted wool purses & hats.

Wendy's jewelry...

and her painting.

An Art Gypsy tip: always provide a seating area for husbands!

The real purpose of the fire is for wish sticks – an Art in the Yard tradition. Here Debbie composes here message for the flames.

One more wish for the fire!


Linda Starr said...

Hi Amy, Art in the Yard looks like a lot of fun - what a great idea. Antique sock machine, I learn something new very day.

You have a nice display. The wood shelves, are they plywood and are they heavy to carry? I am always looking for ways to improve my booth display.

Patricia Griffin said...

Your set-up looks great! Looks like it was a really fun time.

Pigeon Road Pottery said...

My set up for shows and inside my studio is the same. It was all based on what I could carry by myself and what would fit in my Honda CRV. I use sturdy 4 ft. folding tables with table clothes. I have 3 white laminate plank shelves (Menards) that rest on top of white laminate cubes and shelves from various big box stores. I also have a few small wood shelving units I've picked up at garage sales and painted white. All was fairly inexpensive and low maintenance. I am going to Chicago in a few weeks. While I am there I am planning on visiting Ikea to look for a nicer permanent shelving or display system for my in studio gallery. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please let me know.

Linda Starr said...

Hi Amy, Thank you. I know what you mean about keeping it light to carry. I have some plastic shelves I put under my tablecloth and then cover them, but they aren't very sturdy. I wish there was some type of lightweight all in one folding system. Cubes - what a great idea, I will have to look around for some of those. Ikea isn't near me, I may have to take a small trip. Thanks again.