Sunday, September 7, 2008

Busy as a bee

After the family "vaca" I've been back in my studio for the last 3 weeks making work. I have 2 shows coming up back to back at the end of september. What to make, what to make? One part artist and one part business woman, I've been throwing like a madwoman and lining up the bats.

Freshly thrown pots are soooo beautiful!

I am working against the clock to finish what I've started. My bisque date is 9-17-08. Most of this work will be carved with patterns and embellished with spriggs like the greenware pieces below.

No brown & black pots this time. I plan to use my Josh Green, Slate Blue and other colored glazes on this batch. I bounce back and forth between my 2 distinct lines of work –– for my own amusement, and to satisfy two different "markets". Like I said, one part artist, one part business woman! I probably won't post again until I have some fired work. Stay tuned.


Patricia Griffin said...

Love those bowls. Look forward to seeing images of the finished, glazed pieces.

Northern Light said...

Yea!! Green and Blue. That must be "my market!" Great day today taking all those photos and being able to get together with my "arty friends" Looking forward to seeing that item you talked about as well. Loved the sprig demo.