Thursday, June 4, 2009

Amy Higgason Clayboard Illustrations

I have started doing some illustration work on a product called Clayboard. The board is black and you scratch through it to reveal the white underneath. When I found the product at the art store I thought it would be a fun technique – similar to the way I do scraffito illustration on my pots.

It has proved to be a very fun media to work in. It’s also a great avenue to work out imagery that can later be translated to pots. I will be framing some of the original clayboards for sale and have designed a line of cards that will be ready "for market" next week. Here are some of my favorite drawings.

Undercover Garden ©2009 Amy Higgason

Thorny Thoughts ©2009 Amy Higgason

Tangleweed ©2009 Amy Higgason

Imaginary Growth ©2009 Amy Higgason

I have a busy week ahead. I am working on glazing this weekend and will fire on Sunday. I am planning a post next week that shows a series of salad bowls from start to finish. Saturday, June 13th is my first show of the season, Walk In The Woods Art Fair from 10 to 4pm in St. Germain Wisconsin. Our busy summer schedules have kicked in... even if summer weather hasn't.


Anonymous said...

those would look great in sgraffito

Linda Starr said...

Amy, those are beautiful board drawings. You truly excel and have a gift for scraffito type work. How are you transferring the images onto cards. I ask because I do photographic cards and print them myself, but always wondered if I could get them done by someone in bulk.

Pigeon Road Pottery said...

Hi Linda,
I just scanned the clayboards as grayscale tiffs. Then I layed them out as cards in a Quark document with my logo, etc. on the back. I am a graphic designer so this part is all a no-brainer to me. I work with a local printer on all kinds of projects for our art shows. He printed them on white card stock using a high quality laser printer. He cut them down and scored the fold. I picked them up today. They turned out well. There are lots of places you could get your cards done. Check out I have heard good things about them.

Linda Starr said...

Thanks for the info Amy, I really appreciate it. Your work is truly wondeful and I like to see you are branching out into other venues to sell some of your art and drawings.