Monday, June 8, 2009

From start to finish

I like to work in a "loose series". I make 6 to 8 of the same thing at a time, but I am not interested in making duplicates. I explore a range of sizes and shapes within a grouping. Often the only thing the pieces have in common is their function and their maker.

My latest series is a group of low flat bottomed bowls/baking dishes. They were each thrown from 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 lbs. of clay. I documented them for you from start to finish.

The full series, freshly thrown on the bats.

A detail on one of the faceted pots.

Now the pots are drying upside down on a drywall board.

A group shot after trimming.



The group with carving completed.

The next 5 shots are carving details.

I make a big mess while I carve...and listen to loud rowdy music!

Here I have prepared the pots to be glazed by waxing the bottoms. I didn't take any photos of the glazing process. No secrets...just too hard to do by myself and I didn't want to wreck my camera.

Here's a group shot of the finished pots. I had one casualty...broken during glazing, a real bummer. Why is it always your favorite one?

I was happy with the results. I also had some new glaze tests in the kiln. I am excited that there are new glazes are on the horizon. These pots are going to my first show of the season on Saturday, June 13 in St. Germain, Wisconsin. See listing on the blog sidebar for details. My next post will be about the show. Wish me luck.


Rebecca said...

Amy, gorgeous pots! It's fun to see the progression from freshly thrown to finished art. Wish I could see them in person. Lots of luck with this show!
Rebecca Hedlund

Anonymous said...

wow, what a great post... i love to see step by step series, gives you a real look at the potter's process and i know how difficult it is to keep it in mind through the whole thing, nice results too.

Northern Light said...

OMG! These are all just gorgeous. I'd have a hard time picking out just one! But I will certainly come to see them on Sat. barring any unforseen circumstances. Kathy

Linda Starr said...

Oh Amy what a beautiful post. My favorite was broken too, so sorry about that. They are all so beautiful, I again like the way you are using that metallic look combined with the other glazes. Good luck at the show.

Patricia Griffin said...

Beautiful. Love the heavy texture and the way the glaze breaks over it. Hope your show goes well!

Kristen said...

Beautiful work, Amy, as always! Good luck with the show this afternoon :)(And by any chance are those glaze samples the ones you did the other day or are they other new glazes?)