Sunday, September 20, 2009


As I write I am firing my 2nd glaze kiln with pieces from the last post. My first firing was on Wednesday. I was doing double duty — working in the house and running out to my studio to monitor the kiln every couple of hours. When I realized I had been consumed with something on my computer and missed the end of the firing I panicked. Even though my Skutt kiln is fully automatic I still use cones inside the kiln. When the cone 6s go down I shut off the kiln and the vent fan. I had missed it by at least an hour. The cone 7s were F-L-A-T flat and the kiln was already cooling! I was worried the glazes would run off my pots.

The kiln was already cool enough in the morning to unload. I took that as a scary sign. Usually I need to wait until about 9pm to unload. Granted, it was a light load.

I couldn't unload it that morning. I had to make an emergency trip to Chicago for personal reasons. Torture! I finally unloaded it yesterday when I got back. It was fantastic. Some of the glazes did run slightly, but nothing drastic. The colors were richer and fluid and not a refire in the batch. Here are some photos with lots of close-ups. I think I will let the kiln I am firing today go off the same way. Cone 7. Who knew!


Linda Starr said...

Wow, beautiful colors, love all the close shots and the contrast between the two different colors on each piece.

Cinderelish said...

Beautiful work. Love those glazes.

Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

Wow is right! You have such wonderful style in glazing. You sure did those bisque beauties justice. You're a wonderful artist.

Anonymous said...

Lucky Find! Love it when that happens and errors on the GOOD side of WOW!