Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Coming Attraction

I am working on a new series of decorative platters. Ideas have been swarming in my head for months. I have been looking at lots of historic and contemporary art work in books. My primary focus has been on Native American art, vessels from the Art & Crafts Movement and African & Asian sculpture, pottery & masks. I've been thinking about personal themes and stories I want to explore in symbolic ways. It's tricky, scary and exciting. The platters will explore very stylized animal, plant, & human imagery with an emphasis on carving, texture, sprig patterns and bas relief.

This is the first platter I've completed to the greenware stage. I am happy with it as a starting point. Three more are in the works. It's too early to tell where this series will take me, or if it will be any good, but I am excited to explore a new narrative non-functional direction for my work.

Don't worry. I'll still make cups. And bowls. And plates.

An early stage of the platter.


Emily Murphy said...

Amy- This is absolutely stunning!!! It's totally 'you' and totally new. I'm in awe! I cannot wait to see the progress. Thank you for sharing!

Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

Lovely platter. Your detailed carving is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Dear Amy, I just looked at your new creation. It is beautiful. I am very interested in the all white pieces. Keep me informed.

Much love, Aunt Dorothy

Linda Starr said...

You do the most amazing work, looking forward to seeing it glazed.

June Perry said...

How lovely - very elegant! Looking forward to seeing your progress in this new direction!

Pigeon Road Pottery said...

Thanks everyone! It is fun and exciting to work towards something "new" that has evolved out of something "old". I promise to post more often as I make more progress.