Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I came home from work one day recently and found this doll giving me a thumbs up at the entrance to my studio. I laughed and smiled because I knew exactly who had left it for me. My good friends Jeanne and Tony picked it up at a rummage sale because they knew I'd like it. O.K. I admit it. I like creepy/funny baby dolls.

Jeanne and Tony knew it would make a perfect addition to my COLLECTION. I keep it out in the studio where I am allowed to be quirky without judgement.

That's only one of the collections in my collective living space. I have rocks from around the world, rusty oil cans, Hello Kitty stuff, wind-up toys, good fortunes from long ago chinese meals, and circle shaped metal objects just to name a few. I have a great pottery collection. Over the weekend I considered starting an antique wood fishing lure collection. Why? Because they are cool.

We are by nature collectors. I can't think of any artist friend who isn't collecting something. Wendy has antique Irish postcards. Debbie has a rusted metal headboard graveyard. Carol has more baskets than any human could ever use. Chris collects antique science books. Jeanne & Tony are pottery junkies, rock hoarders, fans of all things rusty, etc. etc. etc.

What do you collect?

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Northern Light said...

Yes, we Artists are probably good at collecting! I know my pitcher collection is growing fact I have 3 of that Pigeon Road person's pitchers. WOnder what she'll have for the Art Tour???