Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Some more pretty pots...

Photos by Guy Nicol

I made this jar in 2003 for the Setting the Stage show at Lillstreet. It is white stoneware, fired cone 10 reduction in a gas kiln.

A recent stoneware pitcher fired in my electric kiln to cone 6.

These two ewers were done in fall 2004 for my Philly show.

One of my favorite recent pieces, still available for purchase from my studio!


Northern Light said...

The blog looks fantastic! Could you believe how easy it was? I'm really loving that pitcher....is it available??


Tracy McQueen said...

Hi Amy,
I've started a new life in Delaware, changed my name back to Tracy McQueen, and remember fondly the Vessel Gallery memories. Your show was one of the best and the most original. I am so happy you are continuing down the pottery path and I see you are doing lots of new and exciting things in your work! Best of luck with your upcoming show and I'll write more soon! Love, Tracy McQueen (was Cass)

Debbie Jircik said...

Congratulations! The work in progress tile guest book looks great. Really enjoyed all your Art Tour photos. (and by the way i'd like one of those platters too.)

Shine on!
Debbie KJ