Friday, July 18, 2008

Panic Week

The Northwoods Summer Art Tour is in six days. Hundreds of people will visit my studio over the 3 day period of July 25-27. It's a lot of pressure. In between going to work and other responsibilities, I will have fired my kiln 3 times in 14 days. The studio is currently trashed from front to back. (So is my house.) I still have a days worth of glazing to finish. The lawn needs mowing. Nothing is priced. I've had to create a flowchart to make it through the week. At this point it seems impossible to get it all done.

Prediction... next friday morning at 9:01 I'll be sitting in my spotless studio surrounded by new work wondering when that first car will roll in. If you live in the area I hope you come for a visit. Here's a preview of some new pieces that are ready to go.

For more information about the Northwoods Art tour go to

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