Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Northwoods Summer Art Tour

The Northwoods Art Tour started 9 years ago as an opportunity for artists in my area to demonstrate and show their artwork in their home studios. There are some artist-owned galleries on the tour, but for the most part the 23 tour stops feature private studios that are not generally open to the public. I have participated in the tour for 5 years, first at Riverrun and for the last 3 years at my studio in Lake Tomahawk. You'd think it's easier to do a show at your home. But as I wrote in the last post, there's just as much, if not more work involved. This year I cut it really close, but as I predicted everything got done in time for my first visitors on friday morning. Here are some photos from the 3 day event.

The south window of my studio is shaded by morning glorys.

Some inside shots of the gallery area.

These ladies had a great time travelling around to studios on friday. They decided to buy matching pendants from me. The "sisterhood of the travelling pendants" wondered if their husbands would notice at dinner that evening.

These are some of the tiles made by visitors to my studio during the 2007 summer and fall tours. We are in the process of mounting and installing the tiles on the exterior of my studio as a permanant clay guest book.

Here are just a few of my favorites.

Emily was just 3 years old last year when I helped her make a tile.

Here she is this year with her finished tile.

Here are some other visitors who came back to see their creations.

Biker babe Cheryl gave us a "gun show"

I couldn't have made it through the weekend without my helpers. Jeanne and Wendy were camera shy, but here is my artist friend Katlyn Koester during a brief break on saturday afternoon.

This was my best art tour yet. We had great weather, lots of interested visitors and terrific sales. I have several people interested in commissioning new versions of "THE PLATTER" (see photo below). Thank you to everyone who helped and attended. Come back in the fall. Till then I am headed back into my studio.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Amy! The gallery tour looks like it was a total success, your work is absolutely stunning and your blog is filled with great information, photos and inspiration for potters and non-potters alike.

I love the guest tiles. Its such a great idea and people seemed so happy to be a part of your world. I can't wait to visit the Northwoods someday.